Кондиционер mitsubishi heavy scm60zj-s


Кондиционер mitsubishi heavy scm60zj-s искрозащиты Искра — КУВФ. Следите за новостями и заходите почаще !

В демонстрационной версии эти данные не представлены. MITSUBISHI SRK20ZJ-S USER MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Mitsubishi SRK20ZJ-S user manual online. SRK20ZJ-S Air Conditioner pdf manual download. Thank you for purchasing a MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD. To get the best long-lasting performance, please read and follow this User’s Manual carefully before using your air-conditioner.

After reading, please store the Manual in a safe place and refer to it for operational questions or in the event of any irregularities. Safety precautions CAUTION Do not sit on the outdoor unit nor put After a long period of use, check the unit’s Do not touch the aluminum fins on the anything on it. If the unit falls down or things drop If you do not repair any damage It may result in injury. Name of each part and its function INDOOR UNIT Air Inlet panel Draws the indoor air. Page 17 Air filter Removes dust or dirt from the inlet air. Page 17 Air-cleaning filter Page 18 Room temperature sensor Heat exchanger Air outlet Air blows out of here. Remote control handling Replacing the batteries The following cases signify exhausted batteries.

Replace old batteries with new ones. Receiving beep is not emitted when a signal is transmitted. NOTE Pull out the cover and take out old batteries. Operation and display section for remote control Operation section FAN SPEED button OPERATION MODE select button Each time the button is pressed, the Each time the button pressed, the display is switched over in turn. When the unit is not in AUTO mode: Press MODE button. FAN mode operation Point the remote control toward the air-conditioner, and Press the MODE select button. Press button for the preferred temperature.

Standard Press the FAN SPEED button Set the fan speed as preferred. SLEEP TIMER operation The unit stops automatically after the set time lapses. The set temperature is automatically adjusted according to the elapsed time in order to avoid too much cooling or heating. Page 13 Press the SLEEP button. If it is pressed while the unit is off SLEEP TIMER operation starts with the previous operation settings, and the air conditioning is turned off after the set time elapses. ON-TIMER operation Operation starts 5 to 60 minutes before the set time so that the room temperature reaches the optimum temperature at the set time. Page 13 ON-TIMER operation can be set regardless of whether the air-conditioner is running or not.

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